Sport complex

For those who like active recreation, Hotel Vanagupė offers a gym. Those looking for active physical activity in the fresh air are welcome in the outdoor tennis courts and basketball court next to the hotel, and are offered bicycles and Nordic walking stics.

Functional training with belts involves a variety of strength exercises using only your body weight from different angles to engage more muscle groups at the same time. Working out with these belts it is affected the whole muscle chain, rather than each body part separately. Trainings are conducted by experienced and certified trainer.


Eight-times ticket to the gym. Valid for one person.

35,00 Eur (valid for 45 days)

Ten-times ticket to the gym for one person includes 1 hour SPA complex  visit. Valid for one person.

125,00 Eur (valid for 3 months)

Fitness center

For hotel guests Free of charge
One-time visit10,00 €/ person
Four-times ticket. Valid for one person.20,00 €/ person
Eight-times ticket. Valid for one person.35,00 €/ person
Ten-times ticket for one person includes  1 hour spa complex  visit. Valid for one person.125,00 €/ person

Children are admitted only from 12 years old to the parents supervision

Tennis courts

On working days (1 hour)12,00 €
On weekend and holidays (1 hour)15,00 €
For hotel guests (1 hour)9,00 €
10 time card for one person (tennis courts, changing room with shower use). Valid for one person.116,00 €
Tennis racket rent (1 hour)4,00 €
Tennis balls rent (1 hour)3,00 €

Basketball courts

For hotel guests Free of charge
Basketball court rent (5 persons and more)(1 hour) *23,00 €
Half of basketball court rent (up to 5 persons.) (1 hour) *3,00 €
Ball rent (1 hour)3,00 €


Hotel guests can rent a bicycle

1 hour – 4 Eur, 24 hour – 16 Eur

Nordic walking stics

Hotel guests can rent a Nordic walking sticks:

1 hour – 4 Eur, 24 hour – 16 Eur

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